Overturned Bucket

“Some readers may shy away from the reality Spader paints,
but I see it as a valuable lesson in the evolution of women's liberation. 
Spader's story mirrors Rosabelle's struggle for equality.
The story of the mother and Rosabelle's eventual knowledge of her liberation should be read by readers everywhere, especially
in high school and university Women Studies classes.”

-Rudolfo Anaya
Author, Bless Me Ultima

“From the graves of infants
to the peaks of true love,
from the bonds of siblings
to the devastation of alcoholism,
with open arms, I invite you
to visit my little village.
Feel the damp marshes,
smell the wild irises, and
marvel at the beautiful summer sunsets...

-Rose Spader

Author, Overturned Bucket

An historical memoir, by Rose Spader


New Mexico Arizona Book Awards, Finalist, 2016

Cultural Properties Review Committee of the
New Mexico Historic Preservation Division,

Heritage Preservation Award, 2016

Based on a True Story, the life of one woman, born during the New Mexico Territorial fight for land, is told as seen through her daughter’s eyes. The fortitude to keep going when life throws the worst it has to offer, is turned into meaningful lessons as the little girl, the tenth of twelve children, confronts her world with optimism.

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